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To the death of youth – goodbye to Michael Jackson

iulie 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Londra 2009

Today is the end…and he is really gone forever…and i can’t belive how much it hurts…even if i never really cared about him.

The truth is…i never even tried to know what the Michael Jackson frenzie was about…but know, in the final moment, i began to realise. I begen to feel.

I had just got home from Bucharest, after an 11 hour train ride and i turned on the TV only ro see: Breaking News: THE KING IS DEAD!…and i didn’t even think, not for one second, that it could be him…after which a picture of Jackson came on the screan and something broke. ..a bunch of mixed up emotions, i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…and after a while it kicked in…a kind of nostalgia, a kind of depresion…and, as i do with literary texts, i started asociating his image with many many things that influenced my life, whether i realised it or not at that particular moment in time.

He came Romania in 1992…he was the first great artist to visit Romania after the fall of Comunism, three years earlyer. I was 6 years old then, and my brother was just comming into the world. But all of Romania felt eliberated and reconected to the world after 40 years of restrictions and fears…and he give us our first taste of freedom.

Another important event that i associate with him is meting a man that i loved very much, who had a picture of Michael Jackson modified so that it would look like him…


The way he was, the way i was…when i first saw the „Black of White” video, the way i felt when i sang „Smooth Criminal” on stage at a concert with my band in highschool…all dead…but through this tragedy, more alive then ever.

I’m sorry for never, until now, being able to fully understant the genious, goodness and beauty of Michael Jackson.

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