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The AXL effect

februarie 12, 2009


We all had our Axl Rose period, whether we admit it or not, whether we realized it or not. He inspired us, he inspired me…

As a teenager I was completely in love with Axl Rose, like the entire world, I think (except for Nirvana fans). And for some reason, in the past few months, I began going back in time to the person I was back then. I miss the rebel in me, the rocker, the innocence, the music.

It’s a wonderful but dangerous thing to go back in time. I find myself strolling trough the rain, listening to “Ain’t it fun” with a stupid smile on my face, remembering all the parties I went to as a teenager, remembering all the people I loved, blinded by enthusiasm. Or listening to “Estranged” and thinking “how stupid it can be to listen to the lyrics and think that Axl was right” – or is it?

Without realizing it I’ve tried to be him all my youth. Everybody hated him and I loved him for that.


Remembering how Axl used to be, trough the years not much has changed, except that I no longer want to name my first born Axl.


Thanks to my sweet friend, Laura Dragulin, for inspiration.

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